Terms & Conditions 2018

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We strongly recommend the use of coasters, place mats and trivets under hot and cold items to protect the finish of our items. Some items, such as our waxed tables, will be more susceptible to heat/cold/moisture than others. To achieve the natural look we apply wax only on the surface of the table tops. If coasters are not used, rings will appear on the surface.

Establishment of an account with Australianbaby Trading, Inc. constitutes agreement and acknowledgement of the following terms and conditions of sale.


All purchase orders shall be submitted to your area sales rep for transmission to Australianbaby Trading. We cannot accept purchase orders faxed or ed directly to Australianbaby Trading.


All orders must be paid before shipping, either by check, credit card, or bank wire. Australianbaby does not offer Net terms.


Pricing is subject to change without notice. We cannot give pricing information by telephone. Your sales rep can provide current pricing information.


Finish samples are available from your sales rep.

Finish Colors

Product photographs are an approximation in terms of finish color. Furthermore, finishes can vary, in some cases significantly.


The delivery time on back ordered items can be up to 16 weeks. Please note the specified lead times quoted on order confirmations. If items are not received into our warehouse within this time period, Australianbaby Trading, Inc. will refund deposits at the customer’s request. If an order is cancelled in time to prevent producing in our overseas factories, we will refund all deposits. If cancellations are not received in time to prevent producing, we will issue a refund less a 25% restocking fee. All orders for stocked items must be picked up within 14 calendar days. Australianbaby Trading, Inc. will cancel and restock any orders not picked up within this time.


All orders are shipped with blanket-wrap carriers (i.e. Cal Metro, Trail Lines, American West). Detailed information about shipping to your specific state is available from your sales rep.

All prices are F.O.B. Australianbaby Trading, Inc., Gardena, CA.

We do not arrange "inside delivery" or residential deliveries of any kind.

Please refer to Australianbaby/CFC Shipping Information Sheet for more information.

Damages & Claims

Australianbaby Trading, Inc. is NOT responsible for freight damages. All items are carefully inspected by our staff before shipping. You or your receiving agent MUST INSPECT each item upon delivery, and any damages must be clearly noted on the carrier's bill of lading before the driver leaves your location. If the damage is severe and you feel that it can not be easily fixed, please do not accept those specific pieces.

Please contact us immediately so that we can help make sure that everything is taken care of promptly and thoroughly. If damages are not noted at the time of delivery than we have no recourse with our carriers and no claims will be honored.

Knots, gouges, small cracks and nail holes are inherent characteristics of many of our wood products and do not constitute damage/defects, no claims will be considered for these characteristics.

Claims Policies

1) All customers are to submit claim forms and photos to your local sales rep. Customers are to submit claims directly to Australianbaby Sales Reps. Sales Reps are to submit all claims to [ protected]. If you are using a receiver to receive your shipment, please do not have your receiving agency file a claim. All claims must be submitted from the customer to the Sales Rep then to Australianbaby claims. Please allow 3 to 5 days for response so the claims department can properly review the claim.

2) All claims must have detailed photos along with the form that will clearly depict the problem.

3) Items from Australianbaby Trading are distressed. The lumber used in the making of our furniture is distressed lumber. Knots are inherent in the lumber and something we would consider acceptable. All metal will have welding marks since all items are made by hand.

3) All shipping damages must be noted at the time of delivery and clearly noted on the POD. If you have any doubts of the item, please refuse. We would like all customers to explain the quality standards to receivers and receivers are to refuse items as well. If items arrive damaged and are not noted at time of delivery, we will deny the claim. All items are to be thoroughly inspected upon delivery. This includes removing all plastic from upholstered items to inspect for stains, (etc). Please note all upholstered items are hand woven and will have some sort of minor imperfection. If you file a claim on upholstered items, this must be determined on an individual basis. (Please note fabric dye lots can change from batch to batch)

4) If items arrive damaged and have been refused, we will issue a replacement if the item is in stock. If we do not have stock on the item, Australianbaby must wait for the item to be returned by the freight carrier to determine if the item can be repaired and re shipped.

5) Australianbaby requires minor shipping damages to be handled locally. In some cases, this might require a local repair company to come and touch up items or at times items can be touched up by the customer directly. All 3rd party repairs must be formally submitted for approval.

6) Replacements will take up to 1 week to prepare for shipping and will be inspected before shipping. Standard freight times will always be in effect and you cannot tag additional items on to your free replacement. Please allow up to 4 to 5 weeks on all returns. All returns must be approved by Australianbaby Trading in writing. For local California customers, when replacing items you must return the original at the time of the switch and must have written approval by Australianbaby Trading.

7) All sales are final. Returns are not accepted without proper authorization.

8) Freight will not be refunded under any circumstances.

9) Quality complaints - Customers are allowed to refuse items at the time of delivery if they are unhappy with the item for any reason.

10) Australianbaby will only allow 7 months for customers to file a claim on the cracking of wood. Since we use lumber that is kiln dried and cured properly, environmental cracks should only occur within 1 - 6 months upon arrival. We will allow one month extra of additional time. If your item is to crack after the time we allow, we will have to assume this has been caused by improper storage of the item. Cracks can occur from winter heating, summer humidity, and the specific climate the item has been delivered to. Customers in Utah, Arizona, Colorado and Idaho are in a higher risk for cracking than most other states. Solid wood furniture must be kept in climate control environment. If you do not store your item properly in time you might experience issues. We will not allow customers to file claims on any item after 1 year for any reason.

11) All Items (including lighting) will have slight variance in finishes and dimensions. Certain finishes are more consistent. These finishes include HB, WH and D1. Australianbaby suggests that when attempting to match items you must ship items at the same time so we can assure our warehouse will ship properly matching items.

12) We will not be able to honor any claims if you do not use coasters or placemats on items. The use of coasters or placemats on any of our finishes will minimize any marks.

14) All Items will have seams due to the hand made nature of our items. Australianbaby Trading cannot allow customers to submit claims for seams. If you find these seams unsightly, then we could provide a touch up kit to be applied by the customer directly, but will not pay for the touch up.

15) Australianbaby Trading uses floating panels. All items are hand made and panels are put in place to prevent cracking. Due to the items being made of solid wood, the panels can shrink leaving slight separation in the finish. We cannot accept claims on this issue. If you wish to have this resolved we can provide a touch up kit in order to cover this up, but we will be unable to assist in any cost associated with applying the touch up.

16) Stone - All stone can vary. The stone used on all of our items is quarried in China and can vary from batch to batch. The color of the stone might not match previous batches. Some of the stone used might have veins.

17) If you are having issues with the finish of any item please describe in detail. If we determine the item is defective, we will replace the item and will in most cases pick up the original.

18) Cleaning - Customers are only to use a damp rag on all items including metal. Do not use any type of cleaning chemicals on our items as this will damage the finish.


Australianbaby Trading, Inc. guarantees its product to be free from defects of workmanship. Due to environmental elements and relative humidity, wood will sometimes expand and shrink. We take great care to construct our furniture in a manner that allows the wood to shrink and expand. Under drastic temperature changes, cracks may sometimes appear; however, this is a very rare occurrence. Damage claims of this nature will be assessed on an individual basis if they are received within three months. We do NOT accept returns without written authorization from our office. Due to the nature of handcrafted products, dimensions, details and /or colors represented in our catalogs may vary. The antique/one of a kind product may vary significantly.



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